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teatro BramanteUrbania's theatre, with three tiers of boxes and gallery, is one of the jewels of the Marche. It was built on the base of an old 14th century fortress. In 1855, thanks to the Theatre Academy, set up by well-to-do citizens, it was redesigned by architect Ercole Salmi.

In 1864, after the unification of Italy, the new theatre, which was named after the illustrious citizen Donato Bramante, was inaugurated with Giuseppe Verdi's Troubadour. Romolo Liverani, from Faenza, of romantic sensibility, painted the scene on the theatre curtain with the view of Piazza San Cristoforo. The painter Lancisi of Sant'Arcangelo painted the medallions on the ceiling which figure the 4 elements (air, earth, water and fire) within an elegant mythology. The Pesaro artist Pietro Gai modelled the bust of Donato Bramante and of Girolamo Crecentini, who delighted the audiences of Napoleonic Europe with his voice. Also by Gai are the golden friezes around the medallions, featuring personages from the Renaissance and from the Risorgimento linked to the city's history: Francesco Maria II Della Rovere, Bramante, Raphael, Girolamo Crescentini, Filippo Ugolini, Rossini and Verdi.


Theatre Associations in Urbania

The Theatre Association "Il Palchettone" began in October 1982 and immediately was noted for the quality of its work in classical, traditional and dialect theatre, involving many young actors of the town.
Every year it puts on a summer performance which has a considerable following. It has participated in theatrical reviews at both regional and national level, as in 2008 at the Regional Festival of Bolzano, and Milan at the Teatro Ariberto.
For more information: - - Contact: Anna Maria Leonardi 338 4460340

Artealtro Cultural Association created in 1998 with the aim of promoting contemporary art in all its forms.
It organises preliminary workshops and seminars, reviews of other music and produces a theatrical performance destined for circulation.
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G.Art (Young artists) began in 2003 as a group of young people from the Oratorio of Urbania with the aim of cultivating a passion for acting, singing and dance. It puts on comic pieces and musicals mainly in the cinema-theatre Lux but also in other Marche theatres. - Contact: Federico Violini 3472560705