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Music and Dance

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Bands, choirs and courses

 Urbania’s town band began in 1847, as a transformation of the “Accademia Filarmonica”which was already active in 1834, even if archive documents mention combinations of “trumpets and drums” since the early XIV century.  But a real town musical ensemble has only been in existence since the early 1700s, with the “Accademia degli Acerbi”.
Among the maestri that are best remembered (since 1912) are Agenore Berardi, Emilio Bianchi, Giorgio Giovannini, Franco Moscardi. At present Urbania’s band is directed by Maestro Claudio Pierotti, who manages the band orientation course for its youngest members.  Information on the orientation course: Claudio Pierotti – Mobile 3391721 195; at Corso Vittorio Emanuele 23, ducal palace courtyard

banda Musicale Cittadina

Information: Claudio Pierotti - Cell. 339 1721195; sede: Vittorio Emanuele, 23, Cortile Palazzo Ducale (Giulio Cesare Fantoni Mobile. 340 9617742)


The “Don Antonio Mangani” Durantini Poliphonic Choir, dedicated to its founder who died prematurely in 1983 has been active since 1970. Urbania’s choir has taken part in important reviews and concerts throughout Italy, has toured in Luxemburg, Germany, France, Poland, Hungary and Croatia.  It has promoted numerous musical initiatives, among which in 1973 the Rassegna Nazionale di Cori Polifonici, now called “Cantar la Voce” (36th year in 2008) and does exchanges with foreign choirs. At present the choir is directed by maestri Simone Spinaci and Rosalba Rombaldoni.
Information on orientation course: Rombaldoni Rosalba, tel: 328 4860246 – Simone Spinaci, tel 0722 318545, Via Leopardi, c/o  Cinema Teatro Lux.

The children’s choir began in 2003 with the intention of introducing singing to children. It has performed in various shows and for the traditional Christmas concert in the Bramante Theatre. It takes songs from the Zecchino d’Oro as inspiration as well as traditional Christmas and religious songs.  The choir is directed by Oletta Serafini, tel: 333 2163869 – at Via Leopardi.

coro polifonico

Information: Oletta Serafini Cell. 333 2163869 - - Via Leopardi

G.B.U. musical centre “Il Barco” and its courses.

The Center, now in its tenth year in 2008, now has more than 100 students per year and has established itself as a place of musical excellence and growth for many young people as well as a great service for fans. The level of courses and teaching is high, coordinated by maestro Adriano Pedini and the mythical Gruppo Batteristi Urbaniesi: Giovanni Pacini, Alessandro Bellancini, Leonardo Faggi and Paolo Orazi.
There are courses (from October to May) for drums, percussion, bass, guitar, bass guitar, sax, piano, singing, trumpet, as well as seminars and meetings. An equipped practice room is available.
The G.B.U. organises events such as “Guitar connection”, a national biennial contest for guitarists, originating from the “Suonamondo” event as well as the popular “Samba la vita” group, directed by maestro Israel Freire (a project that is influenced by Afro-Brazilian music with public performances of percussion and dancing).


Information: Centro Musicale il Barco, loc. Barco Ducale 61049 Urbania (PU). Mobile. 328 9433787 - -

The Cultural Centre “L’Etoile” – dance school and music courses.

Founded in 1983 by the indefatigable Clementina Santi, this centre has proved itself not only locally and regionally, but also nationally.  L’Etoile involves many young and passionate people, offering ballet, contemporary and modern-jazz, hip hop and break dance courses; belly dancing and Caribbean dancing; singing and acting, preliminary music for 3-7 year olds as well as piano, violin and saxophone lessons.  Qualified teachers among whom are Sabrina Bravi, Federica Palini, Elena Magnani, Valeria Visconti, Sponky Love and others are much appreciated in their field. L’Etoile took part at Kursal at Bern and in various shows in Italy: every year the school puts on a show at the Bramante Theatre – 3 evenings of rich musical entertainment.
Information and enrolment on courses: Via Pontevecchio (zona artigianale)Urbania – Tel. 0722 319198 Clementina Santi, Mobile. 333 8303985; Sabrina Bravi, Mobile. 339 3011446 –

UCB Urbania City Breakers

It began in 2003 and offers courses in breakdancing, in the expressive forms included in “hip hop” (a combination of styles and movements which originate from the streets of the USA with Afro influences among others, developed particularly in the last 15 years. At the end of 2008 the association counted among its leaders: Mauro Faggi, Nicholas Sami, Lorenzo Lombardi Borgia, Giacomo Meliffi, Gabriele Luzi and performs locally and regionally.  UCB is very popular every summer when it performs along with artists of international standing at the Bramante Theatre. Working with L’Etoile are teachers such as Andrea Monsagrati and Mauro Faggi.

Information: Sede, c/o Centro Danza “L’Etoile”, via Pontevecchio (zona artigianale) Urbania – Mauro Faggi Cell. 328 4780926 –

Cultural Association “A. Toscanini” the courses

Implements projects of music education in schools for children aged 3 to 11 years, with performances and final essays. Place at the provincial and inter-school activities of music, instrumental courses and learning.

Informations: Augusta Sammarini, mobile. 333 5203241.
e.mail: -


Associazione Ergos Ginnastica Artistica

It activates projects for musical instruction in schools for children from 3 to 11 years old, and puts on performances and final shows. At a provincial and inter-regional level it offers music school activities and music lessons.

Information: Sede, via Rossi, Urbania - Daniele, mobile. 328 2827966; Michela, mobile. 328 7493814 -



The Ujazz quartet began in 1989. It soon developed a style of its own and has broken into other artistic fields.  Today the group is part of a milieu that, while respecting the great jazz tradition of the past, is pushing out towards new horizons.
The players: Nicola Salvatori, sax tenor, percussion, Simone Spinaci guitar, voice, loops, Fabio Biagini double bass, Andrea Bellancini drums and percussion.

Information: - - -


Momlette and other music groups

Momlette, founded in 2007, offers a new musical experience, working alongside underground groups as well as better known names.  Among its themes are the rituals of music, mix, musicimagine, improvisation and a final music workshop.
Other young music groups:
“Swordfish Project” (electronic hip hop),, the “Sadamustre” (80s rock), “Fantoni” (70s and 80s rock), “Blue Spirit” (rock and blues) and others.
Momlette, information and participation at Sala Uovo (below the nursery school), Largo Cinti Luciani, Urbania. Mirco Ballabene mobile 338 2705077 –
Young music groups: “Swordfish Project”, Giovanni Paoli mobile 340 4726788, “Sadamustre”,;
“Fantom” Enea Cleri mobile 329 9863587
“Blue Spirit” Filippo Valentini 328 2631522