Living with nature:

By Mountain Bike

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From the Massa Trabaria to the Gola del Furlo

Discovering this area means to admire and to become part of the landscape which nature offers us and to enjoy these marvellous surroundings.

In and around Urbania and its neighbouring valleys there are many routes to follow.  Below are some of them which depart from the centres of Urbania, Peglio and Fermignano.  The routes mapped out unravel along roads that are mostly surfaced with gravel, with only short stretches of tarmac.  Restaurants and agriturismi, etc along the routes are marked as well as the main features to look out for.

The circuits are easy to complete in a day by mountain bike or on horseback; some places may not be reached by car, unless the roads are in good condition, while for walkers the stretches of Monte Montiego and Pietralata are recommended.
The indications provided are for round trips of about 30 to 50 km in length.

The DVD and map of Montiego and Montevicino paths as well as the Circuito Monti delle Cesane are available from:
the Comunità Montana Alto d Medio Metauro – Via A. Manzoni, 25, Urbania – tel 0722

Tourist Office – V. Emanuele II, 21 - tel. 0722 313140 –
Information and useful facilities:
 Happy Bike Montefeltro – mountain bike, bicycle tourism, walking - Expert environmental guides to the routes - Picnic places half way along more difficult routes - Complete packages with dropping off and rescue service for bikers - Well-equipped bicycle shop, accessories and workshop - A wide selection of bicycles for hire;
Happy Bike Montefeltro Loc. S. Giorgio, 2/A - tel e fax 0722 319010 -


Six routes for mountain biking in the territory:

One may start from anywhere along the routes, but the indicated direction is recommended.
The best times of the year are from spring until June and in autumn from September until November in order to make the most of the milder weather and the variations in colour which are particularly beautiful.  There are few sources of water. There are high meadows, hills with conifers and broad-leafed woods with buzzards, deer, porcupines, as well as traces of wild boar, badgers and other animals.