Traditions and curiosities:

The game of
punta and cul

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"Punta and Cul" the traditional Easter game

This popular game dates back to the threshing floors in the days of Easter celebrations when eggs had a considerable economic value.  Still today on Easter morning and on Easter Monday in Urbania’s main piazza and at the Santuario di Battaglia (3km from the town centre) a large crowd of people of all ages enjoy taking part in this tradition.

Volunteers who organize the race prepare hundreds of hard-boiled eggs which are taken to the piazza in wicker baskets. The participants, from 15 to 20, pay a small fee to the organizers and then form a circle.

The eggs are arranged on the ground in the shape of an “S”, with 2 eggs per participant. Then follows the “conta” to decide who is to begin, the lucky one chooses the first egg on the right or left of the line, carefully evaluating the strength of the egg, (the tip of the egg is used in this game).  The other competitors must then take the eggs from same side as the first egg was taken from. 

Thus the competition starts, and going anti-clockwise, the winner is the person who manages to keep his egg intact while beating the egg of the person next to him.  The player continues for as long as his egg remains intact and pockets all those he has broken.  The game proceeds with the next competitor and so on for two turns.  At the end some competitors play again beating the other end of the egg, still intact, hence the “cul”.