Traditions and curiosities:

Urbania's onions
weather forecast

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Twelve layers of onions predict, very accurately what the year's weather will bring

The reading of the onions is in fact an ancient custom originating in Urbania.


The origin of the prediction seems to be lost in the mists of time, even as far back as the late Middle Ages when it was vital to predict the climate for a good harvest.

On the night between 24 and 25 January, called St. Paul of the Signs, twelve slices of white onion sprinkled with salt are placed outside, facing East.

Each segment represents a month and by combining this method with that of the "conterecci days" - according to which it is possible to calculate the weather for the coming year, Mrs. Emanuela is able to predict the different climatic conditions throughout the year.

The forecast generates a certain amount of curious interest, not only from the inhabitants of Urbania and the province, but also from journalists and scholars.

A student from Fossombrone, the Faculty of Social Anthropology at the University of Bologna, has made it the subject of his thesis.