Living with nature:

Flora and Fauna

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This is an area rich in geological and environmental variety.

There are three elements that characterise it from an environmental point of view: the Metauro river which peacefully crosses the plain and its tributary the Candigliano.
(The Metauro originates at the Alpe della Luna, a mountainous massif bordering Tuscany, where the upper valley begins).
Monte Montiego, (975m), outpost of the more famous Monte Nerone, is a magnificent balcony onto the province of Pesaro and Urbino which forms, with the Balza della Penna (provincial alpine site), the gorge of Gorgo a Cerbara.
Lastly the Monte Pietralata (888m) which makes up the southern portion of the gola del Furlo, one of the most interesting in the country for its geology, vegetation and fauna.

The vegetation mainly consists of high meadows, hills with conifer reforestation and oak and black hornbeam woods, as well as oak trees in ordered lines or standing singly, which may be hiding delicious truffles. Marsh vegetation is common along the river with poplars and reeds, while the lowlands and the lower crags are dominated by shrubs such as broom, scotano and juniper.

The most common examples of fauna are the buzzard and jay, the song of the green woodpecker and the cuckoo, the “ploughed” land of the wild boar, the droppings of fox and badger, the furtive glances of the many deer, the knawed pine cones of the squirrels and the spines left by porcupines. Wolves occasionally make their presence felt, along with the powerful flight of the golden eagle (on high ridges and at the Gola del Furlo). Due to its presence of wild fauna this is one of the most evocative places in Italy.