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Where to eat

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The genuine durantini flavours

There are many excellent traditional dishes to be sampled, all prepared with local seasonal ingredients.

This area is particularly known for its truffles (neighbouring Sant’Angelo in Vado and Acqualagna hold national truffle festivals every autumn). They are served raw on crostini and tagliatelle. The most highly prized is the white truffle (tuber magnatum Pico), the more common one is the black truffle, called scorzone.

In Urbania’s trattorie and restaurants, the coradella of lamb is a much loved dish. It is prepared with intestines and is even eaten for breakfast. Passatini or passatelli and cappellletti in brodo, chick pea soup, tagliatelle with meat sauce, beans or pigeon are some of our first courses, while the lumachelle della duchessa are still to be found with pasta made with a loom card.
From excellent local meat to snails, there is much to choose from for a second course. The crostolo (made with eggs and lard) is particularly delicious, and along with the local bread, makes a very good accompaniment to our cured meats, sheep’s cheeses and wild vegetables.
An Easter speciality is the crescia brusca e dolce, while the autumn brings many dishes prepared with mushrooms and game, especially with thrushes and wild boar.
“Bostrengo” is our best known winter desert, made with rice and nuts and accompanied by “vino di visciole or “vino santo”. Buon appetito!





Osteria “Da Doddo”

via delle Cererie, 4 - tel. 0722 319411 - cell. 338 9661450    

Osteria “Del Cucco” e Casa della Tintoria

via Betto de’ Medici, 9 - tel. 0722 317412
Chiuso domenica sera e lunedì
mail www

Osteria “El Pignatin”

via Garibaldi, 10 - tel. 0722 317587
mail www

Ristorante, Pizzeria, Enoteca “Big Ben”

corso V. Emanuele, 61 - tel. 0722 319795

Ristorante, Pizzeria “La Loggia”

via Bramante, 5 - tel. 0722 317608

Pizzeria e ristorantino “La Pecora Nera”

via Garibaldi, 13 - tel. 0722 317660 

Ristorante - Pizzeria Meeting

via S. M. del Piano, 34 - tel. 0722 317658

Ristorante - Pizzeria “Sciabà”

via della Palazzina, 1 - tel. 0722 319126  

Ristorante - Pizzeria la taverna

via Muraglione, 22 - tel. 0722 317142 - cell. 392 0929057  
Chiuso il lunedì

Ristorantino “Il Bocconcino”

loc. Monte San Pietro, 33 - tel. 0722 319448  0722 319448     

Azienda Agricola Pizzoni, Vino di Visciole “Il Serafino”

Casella Musichino Orsaiola – Urbania
Tel. 0722 319358 – Cell. 347 2202085
mail www

Enoteca “Vin Italy”

Wine and beer tasting. Italian and Marche products for sale . Via del Duomo, 10
tel. 0722 317784 
mail www

laboratorio “Il mattarello”

Typical baked products, such as crostoli, cresce and bostrengo.
Via Raffaello Sanzio - tel. 0722 317699 - cell. 328 2616964

le primizie

Fresh and dried mushrooms for sale
Via R. Sanzio, 3 - Tel. 0722 317772

longhi tartufi

Truffles and related products for sale
via Roma, 103 - Urbania - Tel. 0722 319459
mail www

azienda agricola feduzi

Acacia and other types of honey for sale, as well as related products.. Loc. Muraglione, 21 - Tel. 0722 318225 - cell. 338 1287258    

Azienda agricola Ca’ Lacina

Production and sale of salamis, fresh pork and beef
Loc. Orsaiola, 17 - Urbania - tel. 0722 319714

Azienda agricola Ninò

Production and sale of salamis, fresh pork and beef
Loc. S. Andrea in Serra d’Ocre, 6 - Urbania - Tel. 0722 319458

Agriturismo Biologico “Pieve del Colle”

Production and sale of organic products, meats and preserves
Località Pieve del Colle, 1 - Urbania - Tel 0722 317945 - fax 0722 540238 - Cell. 338 6103688 - 347 9144820
mail www

struzzo 2000

Production and sales of chicks, meat, and ostriches for breeding
Loc. S. Maria del Piano, 30 - Urbania - tel. 0722 317678 - cell. 339 2911935

Caseificio Meloni Gianfranco e C.

Production and sales of fresh and mature cheeses
Loc. Ca’ Eusepio, 128 – Piobbico - Tel. 0722 985131

Maurizio Rupalti

Truffles for sale
Via S. M. Triaria, 2 - Urbania Tel. 0722 319366