The ceramics:

Amici della Ceramica

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amici della ceramica

As well as at the Civic and the Diocesan Museums, at the Barco and in workshops, it is possible to rediscover the art of ceramics at the Amici della Ceramica Association.
Active since 1995, its principal objective is to relaunch the old Casteldurante  artform with the help of the European fund, by running all sorts of courses; from holiday courses for tourists and students, courses for amateurs as well as specialization courses for professionals.


In the laboratories at piazza del Mercato enthusiasts, artists, students and craftsmen of all ages and walks of life can meet. Conferences, lessons, clay throwing and decoration demonstrations are organised for schools and visitors which involve hundreds of people and help to keep Urbania’s reputation alive as a centre for ceramics.

The Association has taken part and takes part in national and international craft and tourism fairs. It has always been involved in excavation and restoration projects such as the archeological dig in 2003 under the city walls near Porta Molino.

The Amici della Ceramica Association collaborates with majolica experts, artists and teachers such as Silvio Biagini, Orazio Bindelli, Antonio Violini and Sante Cancellieri, as well as qualified ceramists such as professor Anna Lia Ermeti, Marcello Pucci, Laura Scopa, Roberto Aiudi, Gabriele Turchi and Massimiliano Cecconi.